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PEER Blog Dec 2015

Our YGTL project started working in partnership with PEER in May 2015 when we travelled to Preston to deliver the ‘Magic six’ workshop to young people and youth workers. We enjoyed our first delivery and the participation from everyone there was great!

Due to travelling throughout the summer we sadly did not meet again with PEER until November. We travelled to Preston to meet more of the young people participating in PEER from across the UK. We enjoyed the meeting very much because it was good to be refreshed on the purpose of PEER,  share experiences/knowledge with other young people and have them documented on video.

In Dec we met with Joanne who took us through the beginning of our assessment for our ILM in Mentoring accreditation. This session helped us reflect on the skills we have in mentoring already and how we do this in our project. Joanne recorded our interview where we drew on experiences both in our personal lives and in our project. We both really got a lot from this as it helped us reflect on our experiences and how we will be able to use this within the PEER project.

We are looking forward to working with PEER more so that we can reach our goal in getting our ILM qualification. We are also excited about working alongside other young people from our community the New Year to train them to help make changes for their community as part of the PEER.


Bernadette Williamson / Elizabeth MacDonald



Report by Nicole from Travelling Ahead in Wales UK : Our visit to Barcelona May 2015


During a visit to Edinburgh where we met with Jill and the group of Scottish Travellers who wrote article 12 for UNCRC, we were invited to go and train young people in Barcelona by Dr Cath Larkin, Senior Research Fellow of Lancashire University. Cath was going to do the training herself and she needed two experienced young people to go with her and help deliver the training, so she chose me, Nicole Miller and Chloe Price both from South Wales. 

We went on the 20th of May and returned home on the 23rd of May. While in Barcelona we visited two different groups of young people and told them what we do here in South Wales. It was an excellent experience for us because we learned that some of our experiences are the same and if we work together and share all our solutions then we can get rid of these problems that we share.

The 1st day of training went really well and everyone seemed interested in what we had to say. It was different to other training that we have done because there was a language barrier, but we had our own translator which made things less difficult. After a few hours of training they arranged for us to go out for lunch together and everyone was friendly and it was lovely to speak in a relaxed atmosphere.

2nd day was in a different part of Barcelona which was called Badalona and people were more easy going and the day was less structured. The training went very well and it was very interesting. They supplied us with a typical Spanish lunch, which we enjoyed very much.

Before returning home we went to the beach and did a bit of shopping which was fun. We felt that we learnt a lot as well as helping other young people from a different country learn new things as well. It was a very successful trip and we are trying to get funding for a back to our roots trip to India.